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Revilo go green!

Revilo go green!

Revilo Homes & Mortgages are delighted to welcome the newest member to our team – the brand new ‘Honda E’.

After saying a fond farewell to the striking Revilo Mini, we have ‘gone green’ with our latest vehicle.

Wrapped in our eye-catching new branding, the Honda E is an all-electric technological marvel, emitting ZERO emissions, allowing us to be environmentally friendly on our travels around Rochdale and the surrounding areas.

The Honda E also requires less servicing, no oil changing and creates less harmful brake dust – all further good news for the environment.

Keep an eye out for our dazzling new team member on the road and at appointments, and feel free to give us a wave!

We have ample free parking for visitors at the Revilo offices on Bridgefold Road, plus two electric car charging points which are free for our clients to use.

Thank you to Greenacre Honda for their impeccable service in supplying the car and to Grafx for their excellent work in wrapping the car. Both local family businesses that put customer service first.