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Julie Woods

Client Manager

Experience and spirit in abundance. The fountain of all knowledge. Grew up wanting to be a ballerina. Clumsiest person we know. Our resident “Spanish travel expert”.

Julie is one of our most experienced colleagues and brings with her a wealth of knowledge. With the majority of her career spent in sales and account management roles, Julie made the shift to the world of insurance in 2013, and soon realised an inherent obligation to provide the best possible products to customers, and more often than not providing real monetary savings in the process – her passion is evident in every interaction.

Happily married, Julie and husband Stephen share five adult children, with one grandson to date; though of course they are looking forward to more grandchildren in the near future. You can appreciate such a large family makes for a busy family life, with some very happy and entertaining times between them.

With a holiday home in Spain, Julie is always looking for an opportunity to spend time on the continent. We don’t really blame her either, though she admits that learning Spanish is proving a bit of a challenge. Having once met Peter Kay at the boarding gate to Dublin, Julie couldn’t quite refrain from introducing herself only to ask him where he was heading out to. His response, with a glance at the boarding gate ‘Erm, Tenerife?’. With the entire vicinity in fits of giggles, Julie is unlikely to ever live it down.