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Want a free, fast, simple and secure way to sell your home? Try an auction!

Put your preconceptions aside for a few minutes. An auction is not just for people looking to sell in a hurry, sell at a rock-bottom price or dispose of run-down property.

In fact, an auction can be an excellent way to sell any type of home. It offers benefits you simply can’t find with other methods. And with Revilo Homes an auction is fast, simple, secure – and free.

FREE to Sellers – First, if you’re selling via auction its completely free. It’s the buyer who pays the fee, not you.

Quick Process – Then, it’s fast. Buyers must complete in 28 or 56 days. This can be a real bonus if you want to sell the property quickly.

Hassle Free – An auction is simple and hassle free. That’s because Revilo Homes do all the work for you.

It’s not always appreciated, but an auction is also a very secure way to sell a property. Once they’ve made the highest bid above the reserve price, a hammer falls and the bidder must pay a deposit. For this reason, less than 1% of auction sales ever fall through.

What’s more, with an auction it’s you the seller who’s in control. You name the reserve price, and the property can’t be sold unless it’s met.

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