Complaints Procedure

Revilo Homes Consultants endeavours to guarantee that the process of buying, selling and letting is as smooth as possible. However, in what can be a stressful transaction, occasionally things may not always go according to plan. With this in mind, we have an arduous process to ensure any grievances that may arise are resolved as quickly as possible.

All Revilo Homes employees take customer satisfaction very seriously and we will endeavour to resolve the issue immediately and professionally and unbiased.

Branch investigation by the consultant who dealt with you,

When you contact your local branch by phone or in person, your complaint will be dealt with as effectively as possible and we will try to resolve issues at branch level, involving the people who know you and your transaction best.

Escalating your complaint to our directors

If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with/ resolved to your satisfaction, the directors would like to know about it, so that we can ensure it is resolved in a timely manner.

Please write (by letter or email) outlining the specific details of your complaint to:

Revilo Homes & Mortgages
Revilo House,
Bridgefold Road
OL11 5BX

Email: [email protected]

We are members of The Property Ombudsman

You can visit their website if you feel your complaint still hasn’t been resolved. At https://www.tpos.co.uk/consumers/how-to-make-a-complaint and follow the online steps to making a complaint.


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