Faizan Ali

Office Administrator

I’ve had many previous jobs, but currently working at Revilo, has topped it all off. working there, has allowed me to expand my knowledge of property and the market. After trying to find numerous of jobs through many estate agency’s (which all went to rejection). Revilo gave me the opportunity and didn’t see my age as a negative factor stopping me from working. Ever since I’ve been working at Revilo, my ability to understand terminology that’s property related has never been better. I’ve discovered the ability to communicate well with clients who are eager to purchase a property and some who may have any questions or inquiries. I am lucky to have such amazing colleagues helping me as I am on this journey at Revilo. Not yet an expert as I do tend to make mistakes. But hey success is around the corner of each mistake.

Overall nothing but an amazing journey so far, can’t wait to see what the future brings on! I also currently work as a bartender for Koko Kabana Lounge in Rochdale. Working in that amazing establishment has allowed me to develop confidence like no other. The ability to devote every hour of that shift to ensure customer satisfaction definitely impacted me positively as it taught me the basic principles of business which is “supply and demand”.

However, I do hope to leave working as a bartender and focus on my new formed confidence and ambition to channel it either in Revilo Homes or any other company.

Faizan Ali


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